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RaspberryPy - First steps

Posted by Sundance, 02 January 2014 · 1798 views

raspberry pi raspberian python
This blog will be about my RaspberryPi and Python programming, what I'm doing, problems I have had and how I solved them, I will also talk about code, where the inspiration for something I make comes from and more!

Today my RaspberryPi arrived in a neat box, I chose Model B (512mb of ram, 2 usb ports etc)

When loading up my RaspberryPi I was greated with a familiar install screen known as NOOBS to the RaspberryPi community, I chose Raspberian as the OS and after it had installed I was greeted with config options to which I chose command line (There was a choice between the GUI or command line interface as boot) I was very impressed by the ease of use for it. I can't say much about it as it's early days.

I have been coding in Python for a little while now, I really enjoy programming in Python and can't wait to code some stuff for my RaspberryPi (One idea is to put my website scraper on there and have it rendered by HTML (scrape to XML)

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