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AutoSave software

Posted by BlackDoom, 10 August 2013 · 5116 views

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ok I know I posted this in the forums before, but right now I haz nothing going on so I might as well post it here:

soo, this is my first project that I'm posting, this a program I wrote in C# for games/software that don't have an auto-save feature and by that, I mean that every x minutes it will automatically save your file/project on the program that you are working on, for example, if you are working in Microsoft Word, you can set the program to save every 3 minutes, that way you don't have to remember saving your document and you wont be interrupted by it:

how does it work:

1- you type in the shortcut for the save key, (i.e. "ctrl+s" which is written as "^s" in the QuickSave textbox)
2- set the time between auto-saves (i.e. 1:50)
3-(NEW) just click on the "Shortcut for start/stop" textbox and press any combination of keys that you like for starting/stopping the auto-save process
4- when you are in the program that you are working on (i.e. photoshop) just press short cut key that you made and it will start/stop the auto-save process

Posted Image


right now it only works for the programs that you are currently working on (sort of like a macro), but If people like it, I'm planning to make it support multiple running programs (from reading the processes/window names and sending targeted keystrokes) and also create profiles for each program so you don't have to setup the autosave for each program individually.

please leave comments and suggestions :) and if any one wants the source code feel free to ask

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Very cool, in my opinion would be well worth adding the support for multiple running programs. When I've left something open and been working on something else is when I tend to close stuff without saving.  I think "what did I leave all that open for?", then close and click without paying much attention....

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