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Arduino Project 01

Posted by Alcamech, 03 August 2013 · 5426 views

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Well this morning I started on the Arduino Project Book and tackled project 01 and 02. Although I'm only doing to discuss about 01 today . The 01 project contained no programming , just circuitry . It was basically a introduction titled " Get To Know Your Tools" in which I made a simple circuit with some switches, LEDs, and a resistor.

  • LED - Light-emitting diode it converts electrical energy into light energy.
  • Resistor - A componenet that resist the flow of electrical energy which prevents a short circuit.
  • Switch - A component that interrupts the flow of electricity, breaking the circuit when open.( unpressed) and completing the circuit when its closed(pressed).
  • jumper wires - Wires that connect components to each other on the breadboard, and to the Arduino.
Within this project I create 3 types of circuits. A simple circuit, a series circuit and a parallel circuit. And I learned about the electrical properties of voltage, current, and resistance while building these circuits. I also learned about the selected components and what each one does. This taught me the fundamentals of working with electronics.

***Questions are welcome, along with any project suggestions , but please keep in mind I'm a newbie :P ***

Simple Circuit

Posted Image

Series Circuit

Posted Image

Parallel Circuit

Posted Image

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Nice. I have been learning Arduino for some time. We might been able to share ideas and experience. Check this tutorial out: http://forum.codecal...etting-started/

It got links to the rest of Arduino for beginners tutorial series I wrote a while back.

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Sure thing 

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