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What I've been waiting for...

Posted by Alcamech, 02 August 2013 · 2899 views

arduino kit open source programming code engineering uno microcontroller robotics
As I was stocking product on a shelf at work I felt my phone begin to vibrate in my pocket. I quickly glance at the text, and its the alert from UPS telling me my Arduino Starter Kit arrived ( yay ! ). As I get home around 11ish I jump out the van, grab the package, and head inside to see the greatness that lies within the box O.o

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Here it is, the Arduino Starter kit.

Posted Image

And I figured I'd share with the Codecall community my progress. So i`ll post regularly on this blog with the Arduino projects I completed through the project book . Along with that I`ll post what I've learned and even include my own experimental projects. My main reason for purchasing an Arduino micro-controller is to learn more about programming in relation to robotics. And my goal is to eventually construct my own robot . But as of now its 12:28 am and im going to bed. Good chance i`ll start diving into this kit first thing tomorrow morning :D

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Nice! You'd be glad to know that Luthfi has prepared some tutorials for you already! http://forum.codecal...etting-started/



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Thanks Roger, I really appreciate it.

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Congrats! Now we can share ideas, experience, and knowledge. :)


Thanks Roger for mentioning me and my Arduino for beginners tutorial series. Check the first article out (http://forum.codecal...etting-started/) it got links to the rest of the series.

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Horray! What a wonderful development board to get you started. Those starter kits were tempting, I waited many weeks to get my parts from overseas :(

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