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Don’t Fall Victim To The Windows / Microsoft Phone Scam!

  Posted by Barnsite , 14 June 2017 · 15068 views

There are many phone scams where someone will ring you claiming to be from Microsoft, Dell, Apple, or some other known IT company.

They will tell you that they have detected issues with your computer, normally “security” issues.

They will often ask you to open the “Event Viewer” on your computer to show you the errors.

They will then ask you to go to a particular webpage and download some software that will fix your computer

Consider the following:

  1. Do Microsoft, Dell, Apple, etc have your telephone number: Probably NOT
  2. Do Microsoft, Dell, Apple, etc offer free support where they monitor your computer and offer to fix it over the phone: Definitely NOT
  3. Can Microsoft, Dell, Apple, etc see errors on your computer: Definitely NOT
  4. Would Microsoft, Dell, Apple, etc ring you and ask you to visit a webpage or install software on your computer: Definitely NOT
  5. If you do open the “Event Viewer” on your computer, as advised by the caller, will you see errors: Almost Certainly YES*
  6. Are these errors they can see or fix: Definitely NOT

Imagine someone knocked on your door and said, “I can tell your oven is broken and I can fix it if you give me your credit card details”, what would you do?

  • NEVER believe that any IT company will ring you out of the blue telling you that you have computer issues
  • NEVER go to a website that any caller tells you to go to
  • NEVER install any software that any caller tells you to
  • NEVER give your credit / debit card, or bank details to any cold caller

*All Windows computers will show errors in the “Event Viewer” (this is something the hoaxers rely on). They are generally unimportant errors that you don’t need to worry about, but the scammers rely on you thinking they have “seen” these errors and you need to take action.


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