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The new website

  Posted by Yannbane, 28 October 2013 · 1003 views

My new web setup finally seems to be settled, and it's been fun hacking it all up together... I've gone through several configurations in the last week, in fact.

First, I transferred my domain yannbane.com from GoDaddy (registered through Blogger, i.e. Google) to Namecheap, which just seemed like a simpler solution because I didn't have to deal with any Google Apps business. I also registered yannbane.net and yannbane.org, which now both redirect to my root domain.

That was the uninteresting part... The cool part of my new setup is that I finally have my own server, via DigitalOcean. They offer one virtual private Linux server, with full root access, and 20GB of SSD storage, only for $5 a month (which is the most basic plan). SSD storage means that I can pretty much dynamically create and destroy the servers on demand, clone them, etc.

At first, I tried the nginx web server. It's pretty simple and more efficient than Apache, but I had issues with it, so I just stuck with Apache. My server is currently running Ubuntu 13.04, with LAMP.

I've set up this WordPress blog, and more interestingly, an ownCloud server - which has already proven itself to be extremely useful. Essentially it's like Dropbox or Google Drive (plus even more cloud applications, not just storage), except you're in complete control of your data and the entire platform - since it's all running on your server and is free (and open source) software.  Before WordPress I was processing Markdown files into a static website and uploading them via rsync, which I've found too cumbersome and limited. The software I used for that was Jekyll.


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