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GNU/Linux infographics

  Posted by Yannbane, 30 June 2013 · 2007 views

I've created two infographics with the intent of helping newbies with choosing the right GNU/Linux distro. The content is practically the same in both, but the later one has some graphical improvements that aren't my own work.

<a href="http://www.yannbane....fographics.html">Source</a>

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Looks nice, but I have a number of issues with this.


First, Ubuntu should be on this list. Love it or hate it, Ubuntu is the most used distro, and probably has one of the better support communities. For people switching to Linux or give it a try for the first time, it should be considered. openSUSE should probably be on here as well.


Secondly, people new to Linux will have no idea what you are talking about. They won't know what the different DE's are, or even what Debian is. A lot of these points would need more explaining for new users.


Looking at the comments for the specific distros:



- Hand holding is a bad thing? I thought that would be a good thing for new users.

- I guess the UI is boring, but for new users something that models Windows might not be a bad thing.



- Fedora is pure open source out of the box, so no codecs and getting proprietary drivers is not as easy as other distros. This could be considered a "con" for a new user.

- Fedora is known for not doing anything with their UI and just using the DEs default. So if you say that the UI is attractive, then you are commenting on Gnome3, not Fedora. I am not saying your point is not valid, but Fedora does nothing to pretty it up.

- It might not be as supported a Debian, but it has a really active community, and is the bases for Linux Enterprise... so I would say pretty supported.



- I would say Xfce feels quite polished for a lightweight DE. I find it far less buggy than KDE or Unity. It looks really nice and has a lot of features. Not sure what isn't polished about it.


I like the idea, but would like to see it tightened up a bit.

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