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'Were You a Nineties Gamer?' Post-mortem

Posted by BenW, 22 March 2013 - * * * * * · 5861 views
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'Were You a Nineties Gamer?' Post-mortem Overview  

Last year I finished up a quiz game in Flash and released it around a few gaming websites. After seeing what went well, and what didn't, I thought I'd write up a few things about it that may not be obvious right away.

First of all, here's the game itself: Were You a Nineties Gamer?    

The Nineties were full of awesome games, and my game was...

Get a free ebook from Packt!

Posted by BenW, 28 September 2012 - - - - - - · 1752 views
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We told you Packt was gearing up to give out a 'pleasant surprise', and here it is - everyone registered on their website before September 30th will receive a free ebook of their choice. The promotion is already underway, so if you're not already signed up, what are you waiting for?

Packt ebooks cover...

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