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Internet Explorer

Posted by CriticalError, 11 April 2013 · 2884 views

One of the biggest challenges for web developers is fighting with internet explorer in every way or form, to get to the point it's awful slow, ** and 10 years behind everything else, still we got to support it considering it is the default browser on most PCs. When at work, I usually do most of the testing on Chrome, chrome is always up to date, fast and not a pain in the other end....

You can spend 10 minutes solving an issue, once you solved it you know it is likely to work in Firefox, safari and opera.......comes IE and "sh*t!" and then you simply gotta love this..


It's a shame Microsoft target Google with their campaign "Scroogled" by Google should retaliate with how ** IE is.

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lol that image makes me laught :D

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Lol to the image too!

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