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Google vs Facebook Ads

Posted by CriticalError, 26 September 2012 · 1501 views

This is copy from a thread I made a couple of months ago. This blog post hopefully should spread the word and allow people to decide where to advertise

So I recently launched my website http://www.thecodingguys.net

I got free $50 (£32) Facebook advertising credit from my host and I got another £50 Google advertising credit from Google after clicking an ad Posted Image

OK so the point here is for those of you who want to decide on the best advertising company I will break it down do the best one I think.

Before I started advertising, I made sure my website worked !00% and made sure Google Analytic was on my website (Important very useful!) and submitted my website to, Bing and Google search engines. Next I started with Advertising on Google. when you advertise on Google you select your budget a day I set mine to £10 a day (it can go up a little) then you get set the CPC (Cost-Per-Click) that your going to pay. However it is best to let Google do this.

Now the CPC works on a bidding system, the more you pay, the more your advert is shown. The less you pay, your ad will probably not show. CPC can range between 0.50 and £1.10, You also pick keywords like HTML, PHP etc, so when someone search this they will see my ad on the side.

Now if you put keywords like Justin Bieber, or adult content keywords etc, then the CPC will increase (if Google is setting it for you) because these are competitive words. Anything really popular will cost higher for example new Iphone 5

Now the thing I realized with Google Adwords was that for new people it can be confusing, I find it very confusing still, The UI is very confusing there is a lot of sh** to get used to. Now the first time I advertised my advert was shown 21,000 times (that's a lot!!, but remember I only pay for CPC), so my ad was shown 21,000 times, how many people came to my website? Well out of that I got 41 clicks. So from this you can see people are more interested in searching for their own sh** not even the ads.

Now since the last 4 days I have made 143 clicks in total, and the amount of people which viewed my ad was..........drum roll.............95,751!! Oh Yes..I spent £24 out of my £50.

OK so Facebook advertising now. Well I have to say their UI was not that scary and you can get used to it within minutes. The first day my ad got 58 clicks! with and it reached around 100k people, now it has 173 clicks and has reached 200k+ people. I only started facebook advertising on Sunday, so it's been good. The good think I like about FB advertising is that you can put an cap on your account, my account will not spend more than £32 (that's my coupon credit) with Google you will have to stop it yourself, so your credit card could get charged.

Both are very good, but for some reason I would pick Facebook, a lot more people, and better UI.

OK since i launched my website I have had 500 visits, and now since yesterday I got another 277 visits. Average stay time was 5 minutes. Browser was Google, Firefox, and IE. Whatever you do make sure you are using Google Analytic for your website, this information is so useful tells our everything, OS, Screen Resolution, Page Speed, etc.

You can exclude yourself from Google Analytic there is a addon for the Chrome browser.

OK so my facebook ad credit is over. I had it on for a week. It reached 451,309 people! And guess how many clicks? Well 584! So yes the ratio is pretty bad. Most people are not Interested and I would say for at least every 100,000 person at least 1 person has got adblocking software. All this is the total of clicks, I spent £32.47. On Advertising.

Google Adwords is still running, i got £4 left of that! OK now currently the Google stats are 213,286 Impressions (the amount of people who saw the ad) and I got 532 clicks! from that. Google is still going. As you can see Google does get more traffic and views. So if I got 5,000 impressions I would have around 1,000 clicks. But with Google that means spending around £100 on advertising. Google ad was quite good first it was 90 clicks a day then it shot up to around 180 clicks per day.

Now is this worth it? Yes! my website has seen a 85% visitor increase and I got 1,938 visits all together. Not much but it's going. BUT BUT! I totally forgot about my blog, that is:

thecodingguys.blogspot.com that has got 2,000 views in the past days and gets 36 views a day, so total now is 8,000 views!

When my Google ad credit runs out I will tell you guys who earned me more visitors after I look at analytic.

OK now my Google ad credit is over. The total clicks were 799 and impressions were 288,482. Both Google and Facebook are good, although I do prefer Facebook for it's ease of use. And that I only spent £32.47 for around 500+ clicks with Google I spent £50.59, yes I got overcharged, unfortunately you can't put a cap on this. on Facebook you can set a cap limit and all ads will stop once that limit is reached, it helps not getting overdraft!

Now Google Analytics.

Facebook: got me 129 visits
Google ads got me: 115
mysearchweb got me: 36
and codecall got me: 14!! Posted Image

The average visit is around 1 minute. Now for those who are making a website, or planning to, Google Analytics is the best of the best, it will tell you ever little thing!

Oops, looks like Google actually charged me £51.73 so yeah I got over charged by nearly £2. The clicks are 883 and impression 303,589.

Google system takes time to update, and at the same time is confusing..Posted Image

Original thread: http://forum.codecal...s-facebook-ads/

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