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Making Any Screen A Touch Screen Using Webcam, IR Pen And Matlab

Posted by SkHacker, 11 February 2013 · 4552 views

any webcam touch screen any screen infrared ir matlab
Making Any Screen A Touch Screen Using Webcam, IR Pen And Matlab The idea of making a touch screen using IR was initially recognized by a Microsoft Researcher Jony Chow Lee.

The advantage of this technology is, it makes it more simpler and cheaper.

I took it more far so that any web cam can be used and it can detect any number of touch.

I have also attached a sample video to be downloaded.

Steps Included
  • Calibrate your camera using Matlab calibration Tool.

    If you use Nintendo Wii remote as Jony Chow Lee then you don't need for this calibration but it will limit your project to only four numbers of touch.

    The calibration will give you intrinsic parameters of your webcam lens like its focal length.
  • Create a Matlab program that tracks the IR pen to complete 4 point touch calibration and converts the image coordinates to screen coordinates using extrinsic parameters using the Matlab toolbox.
My project result was implemented just to be used in dark situations as I din't have a good webcam.

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