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Today is my birthday :)

Posted by papabear, 08 October 2012 · 2015 views

I'm not so sure of posting this thing.. but since this is a blog, I know I can post some personal stuff here.
I'm being stuck in life.. lot of problems struck my family and I, I wanted to go online often but I can't because of that.. again it's another busy day, I just got home from school and tomorrow is our final quiz in Theory of Computation OMG (Computation) :worry:

But today is my birthday that's why I want to forget some things and be happy and enjoy myself... with just one day :)

It's not bad to relax sometimes and clear everything from your mind.. if I'm just a computer.. there are so many things that I want to delete.. If I can, I could just reformat my life into a whole new.. but I'm a person :)
I'm already here... everything is done and I'm here, so I have to face everything.. I have no intention of giving up, because a programmers motto

while( !( succeed = try() ) );

I'm just so happy that lots of my friends greeted me in person, facebook and emails.. I'm also happy because after school my GirlFriend accompany me and put a smile on my face hehe

I thank God for every blessing and gifts that he is giving up for me..

I know that its too personal but I just can't hold everything :)

like the STACK in data structure.. it's a limited container.. we must pop something if it's full before we can push something new

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Happy BDay!!!!
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This might be late, but Happy Birthday, mate!
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happy birthday
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Happy Birthday! :)
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Happy birthday! delayed i guess, i haven't been that much around, same reasons for my smiling, but better late than never, isn't it ?
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Thank you so much guys :D
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Happy BDay!
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Happy Birthday! And darkest hours come before the dawn......
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Happy b-lated birthday man!
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thank you so much :D
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