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Things That Will Make You A Good Codecall Citizen :)

Posted by papabear, 27 April 2012 · 1229 views

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Hello everyone I'm here again posting a random stuff on my blog and I hope I didn't annoy you or anyone just by posting in the blog section :)
There have been alot of newbies registering and visiting codecall recently and I have seen that some of them are very active.. I would like to give those active newbies a big round of applause :). In this blog entry we will tackle the things that will make you become a good Codecall citizen. Here are the guides.

Things to do before posting a new thread
- Use the search function of the forum to search if the topic or question you are going to post is already posted by someone.

- Try to put some TAGS into your post so that searching would be easy for other members, because TAGS will be used as keywords for the search engine and a thread with tags are in good quality :)

- If you will be needing some help with your programming/code, Please always provide a snippet of code where the error occurs so that the expert and senior programmers in the forum will have less trouble guessing your code (It's hard to solve something that you can't see)

- Be specific with your thread title, if you are asking a question be sure to ask the question.. not some random titles like "Need Help", "Come Here", "Please Help", "Hey come here" can you guess what's inside those thread? No.. we don't know until we come in and sometimes we ignore some post that has some title like those so please always be specific for example you've got some problem on how the database connection being done in PHP, I would create a thread with a title "[Question] How to connect to mysql database?". Second example.. I've got some problem on my VB.net code in saving an Image to the database, "[Help] I can't store Image in mssql 2008" those titles sounds good than the first titles right? :)

- Always post in the correct section, please don't post your PHP question into the VB.net Corner and never post a thread with information regarding your WEBHOST at the Tutorial section because we have a good forum section for those, :confused:

Things to remember before posting replies into threads
- Always read the thread first and scan for previous conversation.

- Always be on topic.

- Don't flame into others

- Try to reply politely by using smilies you might don't know but smilies have a psychological effect into readers if you post some bad smilies they might feel bad so always use happy smilies.

- Always be humble and respect the thread starter as well as the other members.

Things to remember before you PM(PRIVATE MESSAGE) Someone

- Is what you are going to PM useful or meaningful or urgently needed? Please everyone hates spam.

- Use polite words like greetings :)

I think those would be enough to become a good and concerned citizen of codecall and remember to gather a lot of friends ok? Remember that this forum is not just about programming it's about building friends that loves to program and share just like you so start adding me as your friend now!!! :)

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Great observation and writeup. We also have guidelines at: http://forum.codecal...tion=boardrules that folks should reference first.
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Very well done on this blog post, papa! Some insightful information and it won't just help at CODECALL but it will help out all over the Internet! The use of smileys are my favourite thing :) It text, I normally use about two or three per page, talking with online friends or friends on Facebook; I generally use about three of four per paragraph :)

They're amazing, as much as this blog so thank-you :)
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