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Listening To Music While Programming/working

Posted by papabear, 17 April 2012 · 2260 views

music programming listening to music relax stress
Music is a magical words with tune and melody that sometimes can lift our emotions or release our stress in our works.
I love listening to musics as well as singing, it was became me hobby because there are some songs that I feel the song is for me? Something like that. As we all know that programming is an easy job because of the syntax and logic, sometimes when I can't solve something my head hurts.. that's why I'm going to minimize the IDE or my code editors and start listening to music, after sometime I feel like I got the answer for my problem? Sounds weird huh? How about you guys? Do you love listening into music? What kind of music do you usually listen? Are you like me? :)

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I've ripped my entire Beatles collection to computer so I can set it up random across albums. Only when doing light work, as I often find myself distracted when I start singing along.
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I use music as "white noise", with the selection roughly corresponding to my mood.
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I often turn on a small radio quietly on the other side of the room for white noise, just to listen to when I need a small break in thought.
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At work: never
At home: always and loud :P
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ohh it's nice that senior and expert programmers in the forum also love music :)
cheers* :)
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