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Cold Fusion Internet Programming

Posted by Link Worx Seo, in COLD FUSION 13 February 2013 · 3330 views

cold fusion cf programming internet programming cf8 cf9 cf10
I have noticed that this site does not address any Cold Fusion topics at this point, unless I have overlooked it. If you take a look at the main menu navigation at the top of Code Call, it does not show any CF programming at all. So for all of those who are interested in joining any kind of Cold Fusion discussions, this is the place. As an experienced Cold Fusion programmer I have found there is always something new to learn whether you are new to programming or experienced.

As my preferred platform, Cold Fusion is extremely robust and provides all the requirements necessary; just as any other programming language. So whether you are a newbie or advanced, come join the discussion for topics surrounding CF. Looking forward to any questions or comments. Stay tuned more to come...

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You've overlooked it, though we appear to have a typo ("CodeFusion" instead of "ColdFusion"). I've done CF coding, and while it is vastly superior to classic ASP, I find the cost of entry to be a significant deterant for my of my customers. They usually have a Linux or Windows server handy, and would much rather host ASP/ASP.NET/PHP at no additional cost.


It gets worse if you're doing regular development and start using new features, which forces an existing customer to upgrade. With that said, I can definitely see where your productivity could be enough higher to compensate for the cost of CF server when doing contract work.

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Glad the error is fixed. As for the cost, well lets just say it depends on the hosting provider, whether or not the client is willing enough to pay the higher cost or it just makes more sense on explaining to the client the benefits are better on CF servers. One of my clients was not super ecstatic about paying the higher price so I decided to cover the difference in cost for the client vs a Windows PHP server. Was a slight out of pocket difference for my company but well worth it in the long run. Needless to say the client was delighted with that option, which in turn helped land the contract.

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Yeah, if you can simply explain it in terms of "you can spend X dollars on CF server, or 2X on increased development time", they'll often be swayed.

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Great point. The development time is much longer from my experience; when using other programming languages to pull of what you can do create with Cold Fusion in half the time. Of course this can vary as well, depending on how experienced the programmer the person doing the programming might actually be in terms of language.


What kind of Cold Fusion projects are you working on?

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