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CodeCall vs 'The Others'

Posted by Zizzy, 28 February 2012 · 592 views

As I have come to realize, CodeCall has become a standard for me. I come here for everything. I've lately posted a tutorial (rather basic, but still my first), I chat in the Lounge, Introduce yourself, and I have lingered around the PHP discussion, as well as JavaScript/CSS and HTML. I am more of a web dev. person, so I haven't reached out into the software languages. I am going to be learning C++ in school soon (with help from a friend), so I believe I'll be going here for that too. :)

I'm blogging about this, because I want to share with everyone, how much I appreciate the community, and how great you are. For the help, for the friendly welcoming to all users, for everything you all do.

A lot of forums forget that it's all about the community, which is why there are few forums I visit anymore, and regularly post on. But CodeCall is definitely a keeper! Keep up the work, CodeCall! :)


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