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Zizzy's Coding Adventure

Posted by Zizzy, 25 February 2012 · 591 views

Dear all of those who are reading;

I, myself, started basic HTML when I was in 6th grade, just entering my final year in Elementary school. Everyone gave me weird looks in the library when I would write a basic webpage in Notepad, save it as a .html, and then load it up in the browser. I remember using IE on those computers, and even back then how much I disliked it. Even the librarian would look at me in a funny way from across the room. I remember specifically when she came over, asked what I was doing, and when I told her, she walked away. Slightly on the downer side, because it felt like I was all alone - but it was what I liked to do.

In seventh grade, I dropped web development... because my parents were going through a divorce, and I was trying to focus as much as I could on schoolwork. However, that failed me too, which is when I went back into development, and that was what kept my mind off of things. I started learning more advanced (not that it's very "difficult", but I didn't know much at the time) HTML, and started with 000webhost, which is where my adventure began, into the world of web development.

After more and more practice with HTML, I found a helper through Yahoo Answers who wanted to help me out with some PHP work, although he did nearly all of the PHP back-end work for a user system. After the site was finished on 000webhost (by the way; 1,500MB space, 2 MySQL tables and much more), I asked him to help me for a .com domain, not a subdomain. Which is when things were getting serious.

During the time of the domain, he did most of the work, again. However, during the middle of the website we were making (I was doing most of the HTML :P), I was tired of not doing anything productive. I wanted to expand my knowledge, and learn more. I asked him if he would teach me what he knows. And sure enough, he was a private tutor for about 3 months until I stopped speaking with him - for free. That's when I started with PHP.

After the site was complete, it was a creative writing and art website. I had a custom logo made by a friend, and everything was solid. Until - the day. When a mystery came upon - and nearly half of the created files went missing. Which is when I realized, I wanted to create something of my own anyway, I wanted to take on the web, and not have someone do work for me, and call the website mine.

I have had several websites on domains, and all of those several are now gone. I am currently working on a project for the father - and I hope to continue doing freelance work on the side, as well as an Entry Level PHP Developer internship comes my way in a few weeks, let alone, a paid internship. :)

And to this day, every time I go write a piece of web development code, snippets or even helping someone out, I think back to the first day. The first time in sixth grade, at the school library, where my adventure first began - where it all started.

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My fond memories are from 12th grade, writing Yahtzee/Triple Yahtzee and Master Mind in Turbo Pascal on MS-DOS. Computers have gone from 16 bits to 64 bits, but it's still good times.
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Yes, still very good times. I think I'd like to expand my knowledge from just web development, but I don't think now is the correct time. I'm currently enrolled in a Computer Science class, and I am learning actually quite a bit. One of the things we are covering is actually C++ - I just haven't dove into it yet.

Would you suggest C++ for a first programming language? Or would something else to start off with be better? The only reason I'm half tempted to start on C++ first, is because a buddy of mine who sits next to me in class is nearly an expert at C++ and is always helping people... so he may be able to help me along the way.

Suggestions though?

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C++ works well as a first programming language, though just about any of them can work. With C++, it's a bit of "trial by fire", as you are dealing with a language that doesn't hold your hand as much as some do. On the plus side, PHP's variable variables should help you with handling pointers :)
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Ah, yes, pointers. I hear so much about them when my friend shows me his code, and tells me what it is doing. :P I think I'll start on C++ then - I appreciate the advice. I actually have a C++ book my teacher provided and bought for me (along with the rest of the students who wanted it) because at the time I was trying to learn. I never really got too into it, and I just saw the book this morning (2/26/12) sitting in my room on my desk.

Thanks for the advice, Winged. :)
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WOW, that is like my life now. I am 16 years of age, and your life is basically a reflection of mine. I hope i end up where you are today!

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That's awesome, Marais! We should talk, messages maybe? :)

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Sort of reminds me of my early days of programming. I wrote various little programs and games on an old TI 99/4A, and I remember going to my middle school library and paying a dime a sheet to photocopy a bunch of sprite templates I had drawn up for myself. Graphics were done on that machine by passing a string of 16 hexadecimal digits to the sprite creation subroutine, which produced a 1-bit 16x16 pixel sprite. I'd spend hours during my classes (when I was supposed to be doing other work!) filling out my blank templates, coloring in the grid to create my sprite shapes and then converting them to a hexadecimal bitmap.
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