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The Programmer's Poem

Posted by Zizzy, 22 February 2012 · 850 views

You're sitting here wondering;
your mind's in that state;
the state of the pondering;
it's something so great.

When it pops to your mind;
using all of your thought;
like you've just been assigned;
a mind boggling knot.

You sit there and write;
your mind's in it's zone;
it's in clear, plain sight;
then you give a small groan.

Scratching your head;
the confusion has come;
you've read it two times;
just twiddle your thumbs.

All through the stress;
through every single line;
you may look like a mess;
but it's your time to shine.

When your code is all set;
and you've finished it all;
your goals have been met;
and you feel not so small.

{I guess it's not necessarily the best poetry that could be done, but it was just a fun little poem I wrote.}



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Very nice. I enjoy poetry a lot.
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Thanks! :)
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