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Programming as a passion

Posted by gregwarner, 23 March 2011 · 314 views

I would say, unexhaustively, there are three types of programmers: those who program as a hobby, as a job, and as a passion.

I hesitate to call myself a passionate programmer, for the moment I do so, there is bound to be somebody whose passion for the art dwarfs mine to such an extent that I look like a mere script kiddie. Nevertheless, I do admire the passion some have for coding, and I try my best to pursue that passion as well.

I love the study of languages, both programming and natural, and I equate the two in many ways. Programming, to me, is poetry. It is the clever arrangement of words which produces a certain result. With natural languages, that result could be the transference of an emotion or a mental image to the reader. In computer science, it is the transference of data to the user.

I am one who hates wasted words, and indeed, whenever I write, I parse my text over and over, trimming the fat until I've said what I wanted to say as concisely as possible. I love the thrill of searching for a five word sentence that conveys the exact same meaning as a 15 word sentence, including all the connotations and contexts of the original.

With coding, it is much the same way. To me, the most elegant code is succinct, unambiguous, and robust. It carries much weight and meaning in few words. Coding like that, per my definition, is what it means to be passionate about programming.

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I hate learning programming languages or any other language (Spanish in school) but I do love programming. I love coding programs. I like coding up robust and clever programs that perform complex functions but in a small amount of code. Well, I am currently learning Java so I actually can't make anything too complex but in my computer science class, I am the best coder and I can think of my program in my head easily. It comes to my naturally I guess.
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now i know that this is the field wich i will be good at because of the love of the language
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Programming is the one thing that I spend too much time on, pushing back homework. While the most usual and obvious stuff that does that to students are games and movies. So programming has really got me into a pickle, but I still continue programming stuff, I just can't stop. I'm no pro though, at least not yet.
I forgot to note that when I say programming, I mean writing code and such stuff, but also reading about programming subjects, be it in a book or an article.
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I've always loved programming and I'm just lucky that I have actually managed to get to a place where I do it in my job. I think the thing that I like the most is seeing other people using and getting benefit from the stuff I create.

The actual language I understand where you're coming from. For me PHP is one of the most attractive languages, and so powerful without having to write a lot of code. It was one of my favourite languages to learn too.

I do love finding other people's code on the net however which can sometimes be very messy, lengthy and unessential and making it into something more tidy and structured.
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