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School Computer Admistrators too paranoid??

Posted by An Alien, 18 March 2011 · 438 views

My high school the sys administrator/computer science teacher when nuts on restrictions. We can't even right click, run command, cmd, etc. We have no access to the c:\ drive and it makes everything a pain in the **. My physics teacher is pissed too cause it makes everything harder. Does anyone know how I can override admin and gain access to things such as these? If you don't know how can you point me to a site that does?? Thanks.

Today he had we had a substitute teacher, and he added all of the programs I use like ultrasurf to bypass the block filter and applications and games we used to Mcafee's unwanted programs policy which deleted them. But he forgot to add the password for it and I removed the programs from the policy. It was a small victory for us students. I hope he doesn't check the logs tomorrow because if he does, he'll know I did it. I only changed this on a few computers and hopefully, he won't notice and keep it without a password. And I added my own password to each of the computers I removed the unwanted programs policy from so hopefully, he won't be able to do it without going through a long process. I really hate him cause he doesn't know ** about computer science and I would rather learn from reading a text book.

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As someone who taught at a high school, you'd be amazed how many students want to do malicious things, like change their grades. The sad reality is a school network is a HUGE network with lots of people on it who have a right to be on it, but also don't necessary want to use it within the limits they are supposed to.

What was bad at the school I taught, was that they STILL didn't get everything locked down properly. Maybe it's because 2 sys admins were trying to monitor thousands of computers.
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But what's the point of having computers if you can't do much with them?
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But what's the points of having computers if you can't use them? We pay tons of tax money for them to go into each school and we can't even use them to their full potential. Tons of good educational sites are blocked which makes everyone so mad. It's not just malicious things that we're trying to do, we're trying to use them they way their supposed to be used but can't because of the restrictions.
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I know it's frustrating, it's what happens when you get so paranoid, you protect yourself from doing your job. It happens regularly in the business world, too.
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I work for a company that does the system administration for a few school districts

1. Legal reasons. For example:
If you were able to change your desktop background image, you could change it to something offensive, and the school will be held liable.
2. It is easier to administer a homogenous network.
3. Harder for people to break it (which means we can spend more time on Facebook and playing video games and less time fixing the computers you screwed up).

If the network and computers are properly setup, you cannot circumvent it.

However, many noob administrators fail to lock down the BIOS, so you can probably get a bootable linux CD/USB. To circumvent the internet filter, you can set up a proxy server and create a web interface, or a VPN server and route your traffic through that. (or use google translate and translate all the sites from Mandrain to English).

Also, sometimes sys admins just hide the run menu (embracing the security through obscurity paradigm). If you hit the windows button+r it might bring up the run dialog.
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^None of that stuff works on my schools computers so I guess they did a good job.
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For some reason, I can't edit my replies to blogs.
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In chrome you can drag the edit button to the address bar...
Otherwise manually type over the address of the edit button if you hover over it.
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Where I go to school, we bring our own laptops, and there are no such restrictions. The school internet used to have some restrictions, like using applications that connect to the internet, but now they just redid it all, and removed all filters (don't know if they'll put them back on) and everything so much nicer. Before the internet took take ages to load, making it impossible for students to use Dropbox and Firstclass in school, which made teachers have to spend some of their class time, printing everything on paper, because the education system is based on such internet tools, to make education better, and paper is being more and more deprecated. What I'm trying to say is, bans(filters and proxies and whatnot) don't do anyone any good, in most cases.
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I do see your point on them limiting ability for teaching, but as WP points out, the connection is likely owned by the government, requires an extreme amount of maintenance by network administrators, and has to ensure illegal/unproductive materials cannot be viewed. If it were easily possible, schools would replace the Internet reliance entirely with some special system, but as this is not possible it provides what it needs online, disallowing other things it did not exist for!
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Mar 20 2011 05:08 AM
ya too paranoid but man.. Just use some proxy site. you can find here newest proxy sites. Go there, click at any link and in new opened websiet type youtube URL. enjoy.
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So our school has got the filters up again, and just as I said, the internet is bad again.
But really filtering anything is just a waste of everything, proxies do exist, work-a-rounds are always there and we take our own laptops with us, so they can't restrict our computers. And what is productive? Doing nothing except listening to the teacher? That is rock bottom education for me, as I can't do that, and there's usually someone else to everything.
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