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Why I am quickly becoming an Apple hater

Posted by DarkLordCthulhu, 08 October 2012 · 2603 views

After over four years of heavy use my old Macbook died, so I had to get a new one. Now I'm using the latest version of OS X: Mountain Lion. Turns out they've completely done away with the developer programs and a lot of the Unix stuff - gcc, make, and X11 are all gone. Fortunately I was able to download XQuartz off of a third-party site, so I can use my X11 apps again. I'm trying to get gcc, but there is no version from Apple. In fact I can't find any of the terminal apps or other professional third-party applications like Lynx and Firebird, because they've replaced all that with the App Store, which is essentially just a bunch of iPhone apps for Macs. You know, Angry Birds and other useless novelty apps written by some guy in his parents' basement. Apparently in order to get gcc I have to download the latest version of XCode and use a feature there to download gcc. I went to the download page for XCode, but there's no download button anywhere on the page, just a bunch of drivel on how great an IDE it is.

Seriously, what the heII is wrong with these people? Mac OS X was fine the way it was. Why did they have to change it? Were they just running out of ideas or something?

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Apple is easy to use and stable, but that because you don't have choise. You have to use what they tell you to. Absolutly no alternative.
I'm a big fan of open-source, and I'm talking about open-source in the general sence, where the basic idea is to give the user the choise and never force them to do anything.
And seing what apple do is aweful, they always force you to take their product not because they have better product but only to make sure you don't see there is a alternative... just take a look at the new apple map software on the iphone... Tim Cook had to apologize what it... but still they didn't give anyone a alternative.

Trust me, I'm a big apple hater, and I could do on for hours about why I hate them, but I don't want to start a flame war.

But worst case senario, on your mac, install virtualbox or boot camp and install a other os... you will then have bought a very expensive pc with a apple logo...
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I'm seriously considering setting up a Linux partition on my Mac, so I can run a Linux distro on one partition and then use Mac OS X when I need it for applications that won't run on Linux. The good thing about Macs is they have excellent hardware, so Linux will probably run great on it. I just have to be careful not to wipe out the OS X partition, like I wiped out the Windows partition on my HP computer when I was installing Debian.
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Surprising to see the removal of all the Unix stuff. That was the only reason I bought a Mac back in the day (iBook G4 running Panther, I upgraded to Tiger). If what you say is the case, I wouldn't consider buying another one.
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The iPhone and iPad were huge successes, so now Apple is trying to make OS X more like iOS. Unfortunately, to them that means stripping OS X of any of the features that make it a good desktop OS, sort of like what Microsoft is doing with Windows 8. Now we have an OS that is almost as bad as Windows in terms of geek-friendliness.

But at least they didn't remove the terminal completely. I can still use Vim and write shell scripts. Though I wouldn't be surprised if they removed the CLI from later versions of OS X.

Oh, and another thing: The memory footprint of Mountain Lion is much higher than Leopard. kernel_task used to take up only about 150 MB of real memory. Now it takes up over 300 MB.
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Xcode should be on your install disk. Haven't used it myself.

Personally, the Mac just frustrates me when I use it directly. I continue to refer to it as "the worst OS I use".
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I started to hate them (back in the 80s) when, after I bought all the books and followed all the directions, they changed the OS so that my programs no longer ran (which they promised - in writing - they would "never" do).
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