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Going to my first hackathon next weekend

Posted by Roger , in Programming 19 January 2013 · 1759 views

Going to my first hackathon next weekend At work, we have been trying to setup a hackathon so that our developers can sharpen their skills and output more prototypes. However, its been like pulling teeth just to get any response from management. Finally, management just said that they don't think any of the developers would be willing to work 12-24 hours straight just for fun.

Are they correct? If so, do we have real developers at the company? If not, it make me kind of sad.

Nonetheless, I know, at least, that there are two of us. I'm from the product side and he's an engineer - just enough for a team! So, after talking about it for over a year, we finally decided to just sign up for one and see how it goes. We even recruited a newcomer to join us - I love the can-do attitude of freshers!

The event we'll be going to is the AnyMeeting WebRTC Hackathon. Basically, AnyMeeting is like Go-To-Meeting, a conferencing company, and they're looking for good concepts based on the Google WebRTC concept.

If you have any advise for hackathon first-timers, please share them in the comments.

Wish us luck!

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He, now any coder's meeting is called hackathon?
I mean, the origin of the name was about "hacking news" and the need of the press professionals to be more IT-abled. The met used to be for both, journalist and coders in order to think and develop better ways to get, hack, upload and share news. ** Ok, I am a story teller so I am allowed to talk about history :P**

About your company coders, think about this, if the coding event is a company thing... It sound more like work than fun right? and those events are supposed to go for innovation, learning and fun in an relaxed ambient. It's not likely they will expect that from anything coming from their jobs. That's all.

If you could tell me what you expect to get for company's purposes maybe I could give a suggestion.
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Well, we were thinking about an idea like this: https://groups.googl...rtc/lV0_7lKQCt8
But obviously, this guy already did it, so we're looking for other similar ideas...

To run the above, you'll need Chrome Canary: https://www.google.c...ser/canary.html

Basically, we need some idea that'll leverage WebRTC, which limits us to browser-to-browser video/audio type of apps. We thought about doing a mesh of some kind where we can connect multiple people in a p2p conferencing setup.
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