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What Happened in the Latest vBulletin Upgrade?

Posted by Roger, 09 February 2012 · 1217 views

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I know its a lesson well learnt. My heart skipped a beat when I saw the site down message. I have seen slow and then very slow, but not offline. Thank God its back up. By the way, judging from blog, Is it safe to guess that you do all the maintenance for this site?
Who owns Codecall?
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I lost a few threads! :crying:
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Come on with it ipboard :)

It seems that ever since the problems cc was having a while back, everything has been a bit on the slow side.

I'm glad everything is back up. It was surprising seeing seeing something different on the home page. All I was thinking: "oh no, cc got hacked"

Thankfully not.
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@fread: Yes, I do all of the maintenance for the site. So, when it's down, it's usually my fault! :P And I also own CC.

Sorry about that @irancplusplus. I feel horrible for loosing the members' threads and posts. I will do at least 2 backups next time.

@lethalwire: I know, I've been dragging on the IPBoad. I've put off the actual move because I figured the whole move will take at least 8-12 straight hours, since the new board will need to be configured with new permissions, user groups, etc. and tested by mods before it can be turned back on. I also want to do the move during a work day so that I can reach IPBoard's support staff if necessary. And honestly, I haven't had 8-12 straight hours to work on CC for a while. After Feb 26, though, my wife and daughter will be going on a long trip, so I will definitely get the time I needed to concentrate on the move. So please just bear with the slowness for a few more weeks. :D I promise that I'll get to it as soon as the time opens up.
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As encouragement, you've ran in to a bug on a coding forum. Coders understand such things occur on daily basis. :)
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Being a developer myself I know it is not always as easy as it looks. I am very grateful to see this page. :thumbup:
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Very interesting read. I guess it teaches us we should all be extremely paranoid whenever we attempt any upgrade of critical systems, no matter how routine they are.
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Since I knew I wasn't able to work on the IPBoard upgrade until E/Feb, I wanted to do the v4.10 upgrade in the meantime just in case there were any security updates within that release. That was a slight... miscalculation! :thumbdown:

Anyways, since I heard back from vBulletin on how to do the v4.10 upgrade, I will try it again if I don't get to move to IPBoard beforehand.

Again, thanks for everyone's understanding and concern!
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Reminds me of my Windows upgrade. If I shut down the computer and put in the disc it said to use Anytime Upgrade and if I did that it told me to shutdown and use the disk. In the end I backed up and reinstalled.
Windows: "Your computer is not capable of running Windows on a higher resolution than 1028x768"
Me: WTF? This computer can run Skyrim on Ultra settings!
Lots of issues :(. **** you Anytime!
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