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Finally, a bit more about me.

Posted by Alexander, 06 September 2013 · 4895 views

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I've never posted an introduction, and came a little late in the picture for a staff interview thread. I thought I'd remove a shroud and be a little more level with the kind folks and community I've disappeared from recently.

I turned 21 in April (Hurray! And yes, means I was only 18-19 when I joined in 2010) and had very little going on in my life. I roamed the peaceful suburbs all night, and worked odd jobs during the day before coming on to these forums to learn and communicate.

I seemed to get quite robotic at times, maybe a little cold or professional. I learned a lot about how to communicate with people in general, business or compadre, and it helped me keep my mind sharp in the few years I kept alone in person.

I found myself eventually and took to hiking nature - all sorts of mountains exist above Vancouver to explore. I met wonderful people, all sorts of highs from the views I am so graciously given by the world. I also got quite in to electronics and microcontroller development, along with that.

My health just diminished from so much computing (not just from programming and you guys!), I felt difficult being on for any amount of time and continuing programming became a little frustrated at times. I hadn't much luck with electronics, either, hah, but it is like a physical programming language. I can add "solder" to my programming language list. Expect some help or tutorials on them soon. Thanks again, Lor, for exposing me to the word "Arduino" ... if you're still around.

I find myself still a member of the staff, and I hope to live up to what my responsibilities call for (I am truly in your debt, Roger, for what opportunities you have provided me in the past and present.) This community is really a gem on the web, no other I have joined, and no other seems as welcoming - with such whit, common sense, and truly down to earth staff.

And so, I find myself back here, after having found more of myself.

Fun fact: You may not remember his blog entry, but I've found a similar path to ZekeDragon (not moving away or disappearing, did he return?) - but more a fuzzy path. It is more of a spiritual device, something to enable me to live closer to the earth than I have been and admire a beautiful creature, helping out where I can too. A suitable avatar. (WingedPanther, ZekeDragon, Alexander the tiger. Hah!)

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Welcome back, Alexander! Good to see you're doing well.

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Thanks, Roger. I am doing well significantly better than before.

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Share more about hiking and biking. :) Any pictures? I bet the views were incredible!


Now I see why Roger has Panda for his avatar. That's codecall theme, eh? :))

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Share more about hiking and biking. :) Any pictures? I bet the views were incredible!
Now I see why Roger has Panda for his avatar. That's codecall theme, eh? :))

Jeez, long reply... Thought I did!

Me on a fairly popular hike called The Stawamus Chief (or Chief) in Squamish:

Another up a mountain not too far away from me, just viewing eastern Vancouver past the inlet ahead: http://i.imgur.com/Lr58u2p.jpg (Lake below is Buntzen lake, if annnyone reading this is from here..)

No clue if you'll see this but no harm in not replying with some pretty views.
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