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End of the holidays, time for school and tinkering with Git.

  Posted by xXAlphaXx, in General 05 January 2013 · 995 views

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I have been putting off this post for too long, mostly because I didn’t really have much to say. I’ve been slacking, I guess the holidays will do that too you.

I was forced into hanging out with the family this Christmas. As I expected the pleasantries were forced and no one really enjoyed the time together. Didn’t get much sleep the night before Christmas so after brunch with the family, I ended up falling asleep for pretty much the rest of the day. Oh well, I was excited for that day to end anyways. I had a lot more fun on New Years however with my buddy. We watched the acorn drop (NC ball drop) downtown and we popped the corks off of a few champagne bottles. Fun was had.

Well, it’s the end of the holidays and that means back to school for me! I am actually pretty damn excited to have class to be honest. I have ended up quitting a lot of things that were taking up my time (namely World of Warcraft) and have had far too much time on my hands, it’s scary. Now I will be focusing a lot of my time into my Calculus course and into my Engineering Graphics course as those look like they will be my most challenging courses this semester. More fun to be had.
I always love the start of a new year or semester. It gives you an excuse to spend money on stuff you “need” for you to do well the next semester. Well, in this case I actually did need a new laptop. I can’t get nearly as much work done in my field of study on a Mac than on a Windows based computer. I ended up picking up a Asus Zenbook and have been loving it since. Super light and when you run EVERYTHING off of an SSD? Holy **. Not really a power monster but that is what is my desktop is for.

I kept saying I was going to get Git running and I finally did! It was pretty annoying but I got it set up both on my desktop and laptop and can now push and pull at will. Sweet, there is my source control. Now I need to work on that open code repository I was talking about. Hmm, sounds like I need a idea on something cool to start working on.

I have also been invited by CodeCall to publish my blog through them. Would be cool to get some traffic on here. Also sounds like I need to do a lot more programming.

Until next time,



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