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Careers, Git, WordPress, and Arrays

  Posted by xXAlphaXx, in General, Programming 22 December 2012 · 1285 views

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I have been getting into a few things this evening. I finally dusted off the old server and fired it up looking for some projects to work on. Ended up making cleaning out the server from old projects that are no longer in production it’s own project. Nothing too exciting.
Then I started looking into ‘how-tos’ for professional level employment. That awkward level when your about to graduate with little to no experience but with a degree. I don’t want to be just another person with a degree. I want an extra edge to get myself ahead. Developing a presence on WordPress was listed as something that can set you aside. Also having an open code repository that potential employers can look through, maybe developing some free libraries that anyone can use can be a big plus too. I better put that on my to-do list.
Run a blog eh? Can’t be too bad. Lots of recommendations to start renting a web-host, buying a domain, yeah… maybe when this gets bigger. Not going to start shelling out money when I have a perfectly good sever that isn’t currently in use. Installed MySQL, Created a DB, got to work and here it is.
Looked into a bit of Git, looks fun! Too bad their network crashed while I was reading up on it and I couldn’t do much research or download anything. Oh well. There is something to do tomorrow.
Arrays are pretty boring and are easy stuff for any seasoned programmers. This is just the area of where I am starting in the particular Java book I am reading. But I am going to at least put something I found interesting here about arrays. Back in 1988 a graduate student developed a worm that infected UNIX based system. The thing about UNIX based systems is that their are mostly written in C. C doesn’t checked for array out of bounds errors, if you try to write something to an array that is outside the boundaries in the array it wont throw an error. It will just keep writing over the memory. This graduate student found that an email address was stored in a character array with 512 bytes allocated for the array. He found that if he wrote 538 bytes he would actually overwrite the return address and was able to return what ever he wanted. The program that was infected was a OS function so he ended up having full admin privileges. Scary stuff. That’ll teach me not to get lazy with my code!

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Hello Alpha,

Get good real world experience by volunteering. If you are UK based, check out www.it4communities.org.uk. You have the opportunity to build a portfolio that is useful to someone, and do not underestimate the experience of talking to real (often) non-tech people who are looking for an IT solution.

Good luck
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