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The mister I next week we reveal the Ultimate Muscle Black Edition

Ultimate Muscle Black Edition

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The mister I next week we reveal the difference between fighting in the dough Joe and defending yourself in a real-life confrontations class so I'll Yahoo hit when it comes tithe crunch of me just how useful is a martial art on the street tau can't the urging okay bad the in reality TV dome treat people facing looking death by allow anyone to many as soon as he attracts they would all the time them more the moral who them imagine the no ashtray Ultimate Muscle Black Edition or admissibility a train and deploy it should you be I missed all out for you here today damaged it the lemma what's up guys check out earlier athletenextag.com know where to look this week a little bit backwards the last week when I did that superbly anymore so that progression of the plaques you have removed from a very basic interest in playing two more progress in that is over now one of the questions that came a lot last week was is that an abstract exercise it's a good point because I think there's a theirs to differ main focus is on your I V Raptor ass the ability and there’s abstract now is a plaque a example at the Billy yes is a sample that's right not really and a lot of guys who train hello there as well place that can't do a real straight path exceedingly well when they come  Ultimate Muscle Black Edition Scam Pill to do it Amtrak train their Afghan test drabs and that’s because they're not doing it now other so what the main difference well to me it's about %uh the ability to overcome inertia I think about to enter the bench press if I can come down here I will ever a stop this deposition and overcome certain amount straight here now it is a cup of frozen Rep right from here and I push up to 25 at a cost that's a lot of strength because you .



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