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Word With Friends! {Edit Dictionary]

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Posted 31 July 2011 - 06:17 PM

Editing the Dictionary:

First off I wanna say, this tut may look very long and in depth. But really, the entire process is very short and simple. With practice it can be done in under 3 minutes. I just made the tut long and in depth to be noob friendly so anyone/everyone can do this with ease. Don't be intimidated by the length.

1) Open up WWF and view your current letter tiles in your rack, write em down or memorize them so you know what to add to the dictionary. You will also need to know the letter(s) you will be intersecting your new word with. So keep track of that. Once you know the fake word you want to play, exit the app.

2) Open DropBox. Press menu, and then press Upload. Select "any file" and then select "Root Explorer". You will now be browsing your phones file system for the file you want to upload.

3) Navigate to /data/app/com.zynga.wordswithfriends.apk. Select the .apk file, dropbox will begin to upload it to your dropbox. Once its in your dropbox, I recommend renaming it to something easier than "com.zynga.wordswithfriends.apk". I just call it "words.apk" but you name it whatever you want. You can rename it on your phone by long pressing it, or just rename it on your computer.

4) Once it has been uploaded, go to your computer and open up your dropbox. Find the apk you just uploaded. Open this apk file with 7zip. Depending on your OS you can either right click the apk to do this, or double click it and select the program from a list...doesnt really matter how.

5) Inside the apk, navigate to \res\raw\... In here you will find a few sound effect files, and every dictionary file. There is a txt file for each letter of the alphabet. They are named "words_a.txt", "words_b.txt" and so on. You will be editing the file that corresponds to the first letter of your made up word. For example: If I want to add the word ASDFGHJKL to my dictionary, I will add it to the "words_a.txt" file since it starts with an "A".

6) Double click the txt file you want, it will open in your default text editor. You can add the word anywhere you want in this file. It does NOT have to be in alphabetical order. So, add your new word as the very first word of the txt file, be sure to press enter so its on its own line, and not sharing the same line as the previous first word.

PROTIP: On the iPhone, zynga has implemented a file size check, so when you add anything to the dictionary, the file size will change, and the app will crash/fail/whatever. So iPhone users are forced to delete the same amount of characters they add, in order to keep the file size the same. iPhone users also have to add their words in alphabetical order. Android users do not have to deal with any of these issues!!! Go Android!

7) Save the file, and close the text editor. You should see a pop-up from 7zip asking you if you want to update the archive with your changes. Click "yes" or "ok" to tell it to update the archive.

8 ) Close 7zip, close your dropbox, you are done with your computer.....back to your phone.

9)On your phone, open up your dropbox. Long press on your apk and then select "download". Dropbox will download your new edited apk to your SD card.

10) Once its finished downloading (shouldnt be very long at all, its not a giant app) open up ZipSigner. Press the "Choose In/Out ..." button. It should bring you to a file system browser that is already looking in your SD card. Navigate to "dropbox/". Select your apk file.

11)Leave the key/mode as "auto-testkey. This is the signature that most apps will use, including WWF. Press "Sign the File". Now you will see a progress bar as it signs the file, it only takes a few seconds. Your newly signed file will be be in the exact same location as your input apk, so if you did exactly what i said above, it will be in your drobox folder. The newly signed file will be named the same name as your input file plus the word "signed" on the end.

PRO-TIP: The dropbox folder on your SD card is NOT your actual dropbox. It will not sync with your online dropbox. The dropbox folder on your SD card is simply where files go that you download from your dropbox. So, youre newly signed apk will not be in your dropbox online. It will merely be on your SD card.

12) Open Uninstaller, select words with friends, and uninstall it.

13) Open RootExplorer, navigate to /sdcard/dropbox/... Here you will find your regular unsigned apk, and your newly signed apk. The names should make it obvious which is which. Select the signed app, and tell RootExplorer to install it.

14) Open your new WWF, enter in your email address and let it sync all of your current games. Open the game where you wrote down your new fake word in step one, and play your new word. Ta Da!! It works!

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Xolo says: Why the hell is it so long... smh noobs

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