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Announcement: Forum is dying, we need (your) help urgently if you want more cheats

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Android Cheats has been one of the biggest forums for hacking android games and emulated games. We've had some very good periods and quite a bit accomplished. However: in the last few months, the forum activity has died down almost completely. Most moderators haven't made any posts since may or June, nor have they been active for a while. The main administrator, Xolologist, seems to be checking the forums for posts every few days, but I have a feeling he's pretty much given up the forums. However, with a bit of help,I think we can bring back the forums to what it was a while ago. If we can do this, we can get back to cheat requests being given the respective cheats daily. So, if you're interested in helping the forum a little, try one of these things:

1. Inviting your friends to the forum
2. Advertising the forum (using YouTube, other forums or whatever else you can think of
3. Making cheats and helping with cheat requests
4. Applying for moderator

And I'm going to talk to Xologist about a VIP reward for a group of people that help the forums the most. If that isn't possible, I'll just take cheat requests that will be put at the highest priority for the reward.

Thank you for reading. If you have any questions, just PM me.